Terms of Trip

Bookings: When booking, the Travelers agree to accept the terms, conditions, policies and rules set forth in this agreement. The Travelers also agree to accept additional terms, conditions and rules that may apply and which are unique to that specific tour. Trip-Tik reserves the right to change these terms, conditions, policies and rules without prior notice. When making Bookings the Client must provide the Company with the traveller’s names and surname that correspond with the details on the passport and/or ID card.
Passports and/or ID cards: Passengers/ Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they have the proper travel documents including passports throughout Georgia. Passports must be valid during the trip period.
Pricing and Payment: Published prices are final. The Company does not accept any payments in cash without prior agreement in writing and will not dispatch any tour guides and vehicles to Client pick up points unless payment has been received in full as specified hereinafter. Details will be provided at the time of booking. Published pricing is per person. Payment terms are as follows:
• Full online payment
• Online advance payment
• Cash payment
Refunds and Cancellations: We offer free cancellation of the booking and refunds will be made within 5 (five) working days, upon your notification on our official email, indicating full details of the bookings and your account.
Note, that Refund and Cancellation terms for private tours may vary and will be specified in quotes and proposals for that tour.
Note: We have a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes for departure and return, which excludes unforeseen delays for passengers during the tour;
Special Accommodations, Restrictions and Limitations: If you have any special dietary needs, medical restrictions, physical limitations or any condition that may affect the quality and enjoyment of your trip, make sure that you inform Trip-Tik prior to booking. We will let you know what we can do to serve you in order satisfy your needs. Keep in mind, however, that many of our destinations may have places that may not be accessible to persons with certain disabilities, which is caused due to the specification of the tour. Other Restrictions and Limitations include, but are not limited to the following:
• Walkers, wheel chairs, scooters and some medical assist devices may be restricted on certain tours
• Guests under the legal age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
• Service animals are not allowed during the tours
If you think that there is ANY reason that may restrict you or a travel companion from traveling, it will be your responsibility to let trip-tik know immediately.

Hotels: Trip-Tik selects hotels of the highest standards to accommodate their guests. However, occasionally there may be situations where the scheduled hotels do not have the rooms available to adequately accommodate the tour group. In this unlikely event, the group will be assigned to a hotel of equal or higher standard.
Vehicle Standards: Guided tours will generally be provided by a luxury bus and professional driver. Guests will be required to rotate their seat selection if necessary upon the decision of the tour Guide.
Tour Guides: Each Trip-tik published tour will have an experienced, professional tour Guide assigned to the group for the duration of the trip. The tour Guide will be responsible for the welfare of the entire group during the tour, from scheduled arrival to scheduled departure. Local expert tour guides may be assigned for local city tours and sightseeing tours, if necessary. All guides are able to speak in three languages: Georgian, English and Russian.
Itineraries: In some instances, itineraries for tours may change due to situations beyond the control of Trip-Tik. Factors affecting the itinerary of a tour include, but not limited to, inclement weather conditions, road closures, closure of scheduled sightseeing, unforeseen traffic delays, etc. In any event, Trip-Tik will make every effort to adjust the itinerary to make it equally pleasurable, educational and exciting.
Meals: During the Tour, Trip-Tik arranges one or two arranged stop at the certain Food Zoon and/or Restaurant for having meals. Please inform Trip-Tik if you have any special dietary requirements or restrictions when booking the tour. Please remind about your special need to the tour Guide again at the beginning of the trip.
Baggage: Because of the size limitations of the cargo area of most of the tour buses, guests are limited to one checked bag, 10 (Ten) Kilos, or less, while on tour. Carry-on bags are limited to one (1) item that fits in overhead storage and one (1) handbag. Guests may be charged extra for additional items.
Consideration of All Trip-Tik Travelers: To ensure that everyone on the group has a most enjoyable time, Trip-Tik reserves the right to exclude from an active tour any individual who is deemed unruly or inconsistent with the interests of the group. This includes, but not limited to, persons who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs, resulting in a negative experience for the rest of the group. Expenses, including cancellation fees and/or costs for alternate travel plans or to return home, will necessarily be borne by the passenger. The unused portions of his or her tour are non-refundable.
Photo/Video taking: Trip-Tik may take photos or videos of its tours which will include guests. Participants grant Trip-Tik permission to use same for promotional or commercial use without payment or compensation to participant. If desired, Trip-Tik can offer photo / video shooting services to tour participants for a pre-agreed fee.

Private Tours: These Terms & Conditions apply to private tours except where modified by the tour specification;
Insurance: During the tour, vehicle, including with the passengers are insured with the best terms and conditions of insurance service in the market place.
Assumption of Risk: I am aware that travel in which I am participating may involve hazardous activities and/or situations, with a risk of illness, injury or death which may be caused by forces of nature, animals, insects or flora, or other persons and companies known or unknown conduct of third parties. I am aware that weather conditions may be severe, adverse and/or unpleasant. I am also aware that medical services or facilities may not be readily available or accessible during some, or all, of the time during that I am participating on the trip. I am willing to accept the risks and uncertainty involved as being an integral part of my adventure.
Physical Conditions: I understand the physical requirements of the activity in which I will be participating, and I currently have no known physical, medical or mental condition which would impair my ability to participate in this tour or my safety in this activity, and I am willing to assume all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition. I hereby authorize, without further consent, Trip - Tik or my local ground handler or others to arrange for any emergency medical treatment as may be necessary for me because of participation in this activity.
Tour awareness: I hereby confirm, that I am familiar with all the information in detail, of the tour given/provided by the Trip-Tik.